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2015 was a huge year of musical goodness for Mark.

Here are his 5 top music moments of 2015.

“Ok… is this mic on…?

1. Being nominated for an APRA songwriters award with Morgan Evans. Being in the room eating dinner next to the likes of Peter Garrett, 360*, Daniel Johns, Jimmy Barnes was pretty wild. A great night!

2. Putting on our concert for 500 music lovers that raised over $30000 for Cystic Fibrosis Research at HMRI. The sight of everyone getting up and leaving their seat to create their own makeshift dance floor that surrounded the band was a moment I remember for a long time.

3. Writing and recording my first ‘musical story’/ love song for groom to give to his bride as a gift on their wedding day. It was a real privilege actually.

4. Performing at over 40 awesome weddings around the country. So many great memories of epic singalongs and inspired dance offs.

5. Playing with the amazing musicians that I do week in and week out. They keep making amazing sounds and raise the bar just a little higher everytime we play together.

A great year… looking forward to 2016!!!”


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