• Wedding/Private Function (duo) @Fort Scratchley

    Duo with Jason Bone

  • Nelson Bay Diggers (solo) @Nelson Bay

    Nelson Bay Diggers

    Solo show 7-10pm

  • Holmesville Hotel (solo) @Holmesville

    Holmesville Hotel

    Solo show 8-11pm

  • Honeysuckle Hotel (trio) @Newcastle

    Honeysuckle Hotel

    Trio show from 8-11pm

  • Queens Wharf Hotel @Newcastle

    Queens Wharf Hotel

    Trio show from 2-5pm

  • Mark Hotel @Lambton

    The Mark Hotel

    Duo show from 7-10pm

  • Mex club – Mayfield Ex Services Club (trio) @Mayfield

    Mayfield Ex Services Club

    Trio show at Mayfield Ex Services Club from 8-11pm

  • Mary Ellen Hotel @Merewether

    Mary Ellen Hotel

    Solo show 4-7pm

  • Honeysuckle Hotel – Melb cup party (trio) @Newcastle

    Honeysuckle Hotel

    Trio with Jason Bone and Marty Paget 3:30-6:30pm

  • Wedding/Private Function (solo) @Noah's on the Beach